Making More Money

Rv 2014-11-26 / RV 2018-04

[This page is way out of date.]

Aside from my investments for retirement, I like getting good rates on savings accounts instead of bad ones. A small % difference can make a large difference over a period of time as your amount of money increases.

To do that I have discovered and use Achieva Financial 

I use Achieva because it is in Manitoba and gives 2% in savings accounts. (Of course this amount varies slightly from year to year.) Compare that to amounts here in Ontario or more specifically the Niagara Peninsula. Can you even get anywhere close?

If you wish to save some money too, we can both benefit. You get some money from joining Achieva and I get some money for referring you.

However that is only the begining, since every dollar you put in their hi interest savings will give you 2% return.

Achieva Financial
* 2 % on Savings Accounts - Many other Benefits

My Referral Petal is:



  • 2% on savings accounts

  • Similar higher interest rates on other accounts

  • Insured

  • ALL deposits 100% guaranteed

  • Established by Cambrian Credit Union of Winnipeg

  • Interac & Electronic Transfer
  • Interest rate varies over time but has always been among the highest in Canada for savings!