Joyful Mourning


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"Thank you so  much for your book. You were truly inspired! I read right through it – didn’t want to put it down. It’s interesting that even though I knew the result and most of the story, I had to read it."

--S.W. - Niagara on the Lake

"I'm on page 60 and can't put it down. Amazing. I'm really enjoying it. Its a blessing already and I'm not finished it. I finished the book. I received some healing from it."

- D. G. Welland, Ontario

"Great story and very honest testimony of a family losing a loved one. The book is like a window into the soul of the author." - Mike Kirby

"There is a saying that goes like this: We Are Our Stories. We learn and grow by sharing our stories. In Joyful Mourning: A True Love Story, Charles G. Pedley pulls back the curtain of his life to reveal a marvelous story of hope and encouragement.

It is a personal, up close reflection of a journey through heartaches and sorrows that presents a startling conclusion: God is always at work in our lives, even when--or perhaps--especially when life takes an unexpected, heartbreaking detour.

Within these pages we get a glimpse of how God's purposes are worked out and he is glorified, while we mere mortals stand around asking variations of the why question: Why does bad stuff happen to good people?

It is a forthright, emotional, evocative account written in a down to earth voice that easily and honestly connects timeless truth to the oft-times hard realities of life. It may be through a glass darkly, but in Joyful Mourning, Pedley gives us an uplifting look at how the sovereignty of God plays itself out in real-life circumstances.

It is a tale of faith that is good reading for anyone who has ever struggled through hardships immersed in the helplessness of the why question."

Ken R. Abell
, Bloomfield, New Mexico

You can purchase Joyful Mourning for only $3.99 in these formats:

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If you have ever lost anything or anyone close to your heart you need to read this book!

For two years I was depressed, grieving over lies told about me in my job as teacher. I did NOT know I was grieving. I did not know I was depressed. But my wife did and tried to make things easy for me until I came out the depression. When I did, I could not believe that I had NO IDEA I was even depressed while it was happening. Many are like that and just never know. It is often those close to the person who know something is wrong.

This book can help anyone who is depressed. That is the whole reason I wrote it. It is an honor to give hope to those who have no hope.

You can buy it and give it as a gift to someone who you may believe to be depressed, in mourning, knowingly or not. $3 is a very minimal investment to invest in your life or someone else's life! I made it cheap because it is not the money I am interested in but my attempt to help those who have lost hope.

-Charles G. Pedley, author

Even if you bought it for the tests which Dr. Bill Gaultiere and Dr. Tim Lowenstein allowed me to publish in it are worth the price of the book and more!