Books & Ebooks

Here are some selected books and ebooks which may captivate your soul and lift you out of dark depression!

Joyful Mourning: A True Love Story

The story of my daughter Rebecca losing her first husband, Tedd Woodworth and how God led them through what appears like a tragedy but had many small miracles which I call "God-incidences" [as opposed to co-incidences].

Contains information on the grieving process, methods of coping with grieving, and several tests used by permission of Dr. Bill Gaultiere and Dr. Tim Lowenstein which can help someone determine various things like Depression, Stress Level, Emotional IQ.

The beautiful end to the story which appears on the surface like a tragedy but in God's plan, was anything but, and how Rebecca met her present husband, Pastor Scott Laird. Print book coming spring 2013. $2.99

Interesting Books for the Free-Thinking Open-Minded Person.
If you already know everything, then these books are not for you, 'o master of the universe' :)

Inspirational books of hope, survival, victory and books of true reason and deciphering the atheist religion.