Thursday, 15 January 2015

Wordpress Security

In 2012 on a family tour of New Mexico and northwestern Arizona, I was shocked to see when I loaded up some of my websites that Google had a warning to not enter as they were compromised or in other words, HACKED!  Okay, I checked the paid alternatives and then found some great free [with paid upgrades as desired] which saved my neck. I was able to rescue most of the sites but a few I had to start all over again. A lot of work! I vowed I would NEVER AGAIN allow hacking to happen by:

  • Always backing up regularly

  • Enable security plugins to eliminate the bad boys from wrecking my sites

2015 - Almost about 3 years later, guess what? I got hacked again. I got a report from Netfirms that my sites were suspended and would be deleted if I did not fix.

Some people never learn, right? :) Okay so now I have better and more security measures. Interestingly enough, even some of the sites like that were attacked, because there were some security measures attached, I was able to download all the content for my new But I have spent hours since early this week working on exporting, moving, re-installing my sites and I still have more to go. I just have too many sites.

I am working on either the multi-site idea that Wordpress (WP) offers OR combining some related sites into one. I started that over a year ago by establishing
I need to continue that combining of sites in order to decrease the workload in re-constructing sites!

Tip 1. If you did not get the advice above, then you had better re-read it IF you have any WP sites! I intend to do that and steer my present domains to the pages in the new site that cover that topic.

Tip 2. If you do WP, then you NEED to have some easy ways to backup, export, clone sites on a schedule automatically! I intend to list some products for Wordpress security on my site but instead I may put them on as a kind of New Year's Resolution.

I hope you can learn from my mistakes and do it properly the first time! If you need them before I get them listed please contact me.