Cars are nice. I like driving. I also hate repair bills.

Would you like to spend $40 and save hundreds on repair bills?

Would you like to spend $60 - $80 and save THOUSANDS on repair bills?


1. Subscribe to Consumer Reports and it is like asking thousands of people how they liked their .....(kind of car or truck). It is cheaper in the U.S. However in Canada you can subscribe for one year for $39.95 OR you can subscribe just to the website which I believe (have not checked) is $19.95. If you are a U.S. citizen subscriptions are cheaper. (This needs checking to be absolutely sure about prices.)

2. Buy Lemonaid by Phil Edmonston - he has info that only car dealers receive about "secret warranties" that you never get told about unless your dealer particularly likes you. Ha!

3. Check out these sites below:

APA - Automobile Protection Association - This consumer organization allows you access to all kinds of reviews on vehicles, on buying used or new vehicles, on the fair pricing of used vehicles and a host of other benefits. 

They also can give you a group rate on Home and Car insurance. On top of that, for an extra fee of $50 (2018 - April checked) roadside service similar to CAA. The cost of membership in 2018, April was $77 which gives you access to all parts of the website plus many other benefits.
They also have a list of approved auto service centres! Just think about what $77 buys you in auto repairs :) Not much! So look into this if you need help with anything auto! It's a bargain!

Also checking the sites below may help you as well!

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