Boating License

Just bought a used sailboat this year. Registered it but discovered because it has an outboard engine (in case of there being NO wind, that you need a Transport Canada Approved boating license that you can get many places including Canadian Tire Corp.

The price is usually $49.95 for one boating license including access by only one person. If several people sign up then the fee is reduced for each one to as little as $9.95 per person.

However not being satisfied that this was necessary for a sailboat I checked online and shucks they are correct.

So I looked for a cheaper way to get it and just found Boatin'Bob at operated by

While others reduce the fee above by a few dollars, Better Boating reduces it to only $26.99 plus tax and guarantees that this is the best price! So do you see why a few minutes of searching can save you over $20??? :)

Info from the course ....

Do I Need A Boating Licence In Canada?

YES! Excluding the Northwest Territories or Nunavut, all persons who operate a recreational motorized pleasure craft in Canada must carry a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) commonly referred to as a boating license or equivalent proof of competency on board.

Get Your Boating Licence in 3 Easy Steps.

Step 1

Get Your Boating License Today! BOATNBOB.COM

Boater Registration

  • Our course is Transport Canada Approved and was designed with you in mind. It is our intention to provide you with the best online safe boating educational course available.
  • The One-time fee of $26.99 plus tax includes:
  • Full access to the Online Study Guide.
  • Access to the OFFICIAL Transport Canada PCOC test.
  • Your electronic and printable temporary PCOC certificate.
  • Mailing of your PERMANENT LIFE TIME PCOC.
  • There are no additional or hidden fees!
  • When prompted for payment, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards
  Okay enough, now I must do the course.

Oh by the way if you want a booklet with all the info for permanent reference, CTC has the BoatSmart! Study Guide booklet for only $16.99.

Now on to the course!
WELL READY TO SAVE EVEN MORE? At  the site you can download a FREE MANUAL in pdf format and print it out if you wish! Hey later today I am going to take this CTC manual back and get a refund for my $16.99 plus tax!!!

I love saving money! :)
It pays to do a bit of research!